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  • The Bycatch You Can’t See

    Jul 28: Researchers tackle unseen crab mortality in Alaskan groundfish fisheries, win best paper award.

  • Researching Ecosystem Effects on Fish Populations

    Apr 9: Scientists seek to understand how physical and biological forces combine to drive fish productivity in the Gulf of Alaska.

  • Protecting Threatened Ice Seals

    Mar 13: How do NOAA Fisheries scientists protect threatened ice seals? Watch our video to learn the science behind their protection.

  • The Abundant—But Not So Tasty—Giant Grenadier

    Jan 13: If giant grenadier were tasty, you’d likely find it on the menu at your favorite seafood restaurant. Instead, find out what scientists are learning about this prolific, albeit not so tasty, deep-water fish.

  • Long Live the King

    Jan 7: To ensure a sustainable fishery, scientists are studying how red king crabs respond to a changing environment.

  • A Whale of a Thanksgiving Day Feast

    Nov 26: Most of us are celebrating Thanksgiving with a traditional turkey dinner, but the Inupiat people on Alaska's north slope will be giving thanks over an animal that is a bit bigger than your average holiday bird.

  • Steller Performance

    Nov 18: The Eastern population of Steller sea lions, now recovered, is off the threatened species list under the Endangered Species Act.

  • Studying Influences on Gulf of Alaska Marine Life

    Sept 3: The Gulf of Alaska Integrated Ecosystem Research Project is a five year study engaging oceanographers, fisheries biologists, and modelers who examine factors that influence five commercially important groundfishes.

  • Crabs in the Lab

    Jul 17: Located on Near Island in Kodiak, Alaska, the Kodiak Fisheries Research Center is often referred to as the “top crab lab in the country,” and is the primary facility for the AFSC’s Shellfish Assessment Program.

  • U.S. and Russia Complete Largest Ice Seal Survey

    Jun 13: Researchers from U.S. and Russia completed the largest survey ever for seals that live in sea-ice habitat.

  • A New Structure for Observer Programs in Alaska

    Mar 27: New regulations governing how observers are deployed into the fisheries of Alaska will increase the statistical reliability of data collected by the program, address cost inequality among fishery participants, and expand observer coverage.

  • NOAA Scientists Focus Research on Skate Nurseries

    Mar 11: NOAA scientists will be keeping a closer eye on six skate nursery sites in the Bering Sea, following final action by members of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council at the February meeting in Portland, Oregon.