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  • The Tech Tank—A New Ocean Sensing System

    Aug 27: Learn more about the new Ocean Technology Development Test Tank, one of the highlights of NOAA's recently opened Southwest Fisheries Science Center.

  • NOAA Fisheries Opens New La Jolla Laboratory

    Aug 26: NOAA Fisheries opens its new La Jolla Laboratory, its most technologically-advanced and environmentally friendly marine science research facility in the United States, on August 27th. Credit: Vern Elmore.

  • Dolphins Hitch a Free Ride from Gray Whale

    June 28: In this photo, a group of long-beaked common dolphins are hitching a free ride on the bow wave of a migrating gray whale.

  • Results of the Recent Hake Survey Are In

    Apr 24: Last year, NOAA scientists and West Coast fishermen collaborated to reduce uncertainty in the Pacific hake fishery, improving near-term outlook for fishermen while protecting long-term availability of the fish.

  • New Video—From Gravel Pits to Salmon Habitat

    Apr 15: California is looking at an innovative restoration method: reclaiming abandoned gravel pits as habitat for salmon.

  • Balancing the Needs of Farmers and Fish

    Apr 15: The Russian River and its tributaries flowing through California’s wine country are in high demand. When farmers draw water for their vineyards, streams can dry up, stranding fish. See how NOAA is helping balance the needs of farmers and fish.

  • How Forecasting Frost Can Help Save Fish

    Apr 15: Sonoma County wine growers have long battled crop-killing frost, and some ways to protect their vines use so much water from the nearby Russian River that they can hurt fish. Learn how NOAA’s National Weather Service found a way to help.

  • Cloudy With a Chance of Whales

    Apr 4: New technology will enable scientists to forecast patterns of whale traffic in the Pacific. These forecasts will help ships steer clear of whales and reduce fatal ship strikes.

  • Study Analyzes Risks to Whales from Ship Traffic

    Mar 29: Researchers identified areas off southern California with high numbers of whales and assessed their risk from potentially deadly collisions with commercial ship traffic in a newly released study.

  • Scientists Launch a New Era in Whale Research

    Mar 7: New technology enables safe, non-invasive methods for monitoring the health and physiology of large whales.

  • New Research to Reduce Rockfish Barotrauma Injury

    Nov 28: See how our research on barotrauma—an injury that occurs when a hooked fish is brought too rapidly to the surface—is helping put rockfish back where they belong.

  • Migrating Gray Whales Slowly Reveal Their Secrets

    Oct 17: Recently scientists were surprised to discover that some gray whales from a critically endangered population cross the Pacific every year to winter off the coast of North America.