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  • The Case of the Dead Dolphin - Jul 9: When a NOAA marine biologist performs a necropsy on a dolphin that washed up dead on the beach, she’s not only monitoring the health of marine mammals. She’s monitoring human health as well.
  • Marine Mammals on the Move - Oct 24: If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth a million words. Spend some time with whales, dolphins, seals and more.
  • Celebrating 40 Years of Marine Mammal Protection - Oct 23: The Marine Mammal Protection Act was enacted 40 years ago this week on October 21, 1972. All marine mammals are protected under this Act.
  • Grants Awarded for Marine Mammal Rescue - Aug 31: NOAA Fisheries awards 39 grants to participants of the Marine Mammal Stranding Network to respond to sick, injured, or stranded marine mammals and investigate health concerns for these populations in the wild.
  • Dolphin SMART Businesses Protect Dolphins - June 12: Protecting dolphins and their coastal homes is crucial for conservation efforts and economic sustainability of dolphin-viewing businesses.
  • Crimes Against Marine Mammals—New Exhibit Opens - May 22: NOAA Fisheries and the Crime Museum open new exhibit "Crimes Against Marine Mammals," celebrating 40 years of the Marine Mammal Protection Act and highlighting Act violations, investigations, and protection measures.
  • Bacterial Infection Cause of Dolphin Deaths - Oct. 27: NOAA has identified the bacteria Brucella in five bottlenose dolphins that died in the northern Gulf of Mexico. These five are among 580 dolphins in higher than expected strandings that began in February 2010.