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  • Shark Conservation, Science, and Management

    Aug 9: A closer look at NOAA's role in shark conservation, management, and policy.

  • Blue and Flathead Catfish Invade Chesapeake Bay

    Jul 14: Blue and flathead catfish have increased dramatically since their introduction. These fierce predators are contributing to changes in the Chesapeake Bay food web to the detriment of native fishes.

  • Today's Fresh Catch—Invasive Snakehead

    Jul 7: Learn more about one aquatic invasive species—northern snakehead—and how two fishermen are leading a grassroots movement to control the spread of this species.

  • Changes in Forage Fish Affect Atlantic Cod

    Jun 26: A new study shows that changes in forage fish abundance alter Atlantic cod distribution and affect success of the fishery.

  • The Future of Stock Assessments

    Jun 23: In our never-ending quest to improve our knowledge of fisheries, we’re constantly looking for ways to build upon our solid scientific foundation of counting fish and providing operational information to decision-makers.

  • Recompression Devices Help Anglers Fish Smarter

    Jun 13: The survival rates of caught and released deep sea fish are low because of a condition known as barotrauma. Learn how NOAA Fisheries and partners in the recreational fishing community are working together to address this problem.

  • National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy

    Jun 13: NOAA Fisheries is holding public town hall meetings and accepting online comments to collect input on the creation of a new National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy.

  • Sustainable Fishing and the Bering Sea Canyons

    Jun 5: Should the Bering Sea canyons be closed to fishing to protect sensitive habitats? Here are a few frequently asked questions about the science and the decision-making.

  • A River Reborn: Restoring Salmon Habitat

    May 29: Watch our new video to see how the Boeing Corporation worked with NOAA under a Natural Resource Damage Assessment to restore habitat harmed by historical industrial activities on the Lower Duwamish River.

  • Salmon Restoration: Big Data from a Small Device

    May 16: One of the biggest tools in salmon restoration is about the size of a grain of rice.

  • What Do You Want to Know about Atlantic Sturgeon?

    May 12: What do you want to know about Atlantic sturgeon? Ask a NOAA scientist during a chat on Twitter this week, Thursday, May 15 at 2-3 p.m. EST.

  • Assessing Climate Change Impacts in the U.S.

    May 6: The 3rd National Climate Assessment confirms that climate change is affecting every region of the U.S. and key sectors of our economy. Learn how we're studying climate change impacts on fisheries and protected resources.