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  • Six Surprising Facts about Whale Sharks

    Six Surprising Facts about Whale Sharks

    Aug 12: Whale sharks spend much of their lives wandering the high seas alone. This makes whale sharks hard to study, so very little is known about them. Learn six surprising facts about these creatures.

  • Read our #SharkChat with a NOAA Scientist

    Read our #SharkChat with a NOAA Scientist

    Aug 11: What are you wondering about sharks? Ask NOAA scientist Tobey Curtis your questions on Twitter this Thursday, August 14 from 6-7pm EST. Remember to tag questions with #sharkchat.

  • Shark Conservation, Science, and Management

    Shark Conservation, Science, and Management

    Aug 9: A closer look at NOAA's role in shark conservation, management, and policy.

  • Memories of Sharks Past

    Memories of Sharks Past

    Aug 9: An incisive account of how our knowledge of sharks has grown, from Aristotle to the present day, wins a Best Paper award from the Marine Fisheries Review.

  • White Shark Recovery

    White Shark Recovery

    Aug 7: New research reveals that Atlantic white sharks, which were hunted indiscriminately for almost two decades following the release of the movie Jaws, have slowly been making a comeback.

  • The Expert Is In

    The Expert Is In

    Aug 8: Watch these short videos to see our shark scientists in action answering your questions about sharks.

  • Working Toward Sustainable Trade

    Working Toward Sustainable Trade

    Jan 27: Latin American and Caribbean nations gathered last month in Brazil to participate in a regional workshop focused on implementing new international shark conservation measures.

  • 2013 ICCAT Meeting Concludes

    2013 ICCAT Meeting Concludes

    Nov 26: The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) concluded its annual meeting after adopting several new measures that will support the sustainable management of key species.

  • Hooked on Sharks

    Hooked on Sharks

    Aug 10: Can a special type of hook called a circle hook help vulnerable shark populations to recover? Scientists and fishermen team up to find out.

  • Scientists, Fishermen Unite to Record Shark Data

    Scientists, Fishermen Unite to Record Shark Data

    Aug 9: NOAA's Northeast Fisheries Science Center began collecting data from shark recreational tournaments in 1961. Since then, this has helped scientists work with local fisherman to combine recreational fishing with important shark research.

  • Shattering Shark Myths

    Shattering Shark Myths

    Aug 8: Can you tell shark myth from fact? Better check this list out.

  • Missed the #SharkWeekChat? Read Our Recap

    Missed the #SharkWeekChat? Read Our Recap

    Aug 9: Did you miss the #SharkWeekChat with our 2 shark experts? Get caught up.