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  • Secret Sea Turtle Route Revealed for First Time

    Mar 11: Scientists recently mapped the migration routes of baby loggerhead sea turtles for the first time. It took four scientists and one manicurist to make this breakthrough possible.

  • Sea Turtles See Justice

    Mar 6: NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement and the FBI conducted a joint undercover operation leading to the arrest of a Puerto Rican man for his role in the illegal sale of sea turtle meat.

  • A Tech Incubator for Sea Turtles

    Jul 22: NOAA raises a small army of sea turtles in Texas to save wild sea turtles everywhere.

  • Turtles Have Fingerprints?

    Jun 14: New genetic technique with turtles reveals paternity and more.

  • The Keratin Connection

    May 16: Experts with very different backgrounds join forces to protect endangered sea turtles.

  • High Number of Sea Turtle Strandings in Northeast

    Jan 9: It has been a busy sea turtle stranding season due to "cold stunning," with a running total of over 200 reported strandings so far from Massachusetts to New York.

  • Teacher Learns Science Behind Leatherback Turtles

    Nov 26: Teacher at Sea Alex Eilers shares highlights from her scientific cruise studying sea turtles on NOAA Ship David Starr Jordan.

  • Award-Winning Scientist Pioneers Turtle Research

    July 23: Dr. Kyle S. Van Houtan, NOAA Fisheries research ecologist, was honored by the White House with a prestigious Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers for his research on climate effects on sea turtles populations.

  • NOAA Helps Indonesian Team Protect Sea Turtles

    July 2: NOAA scientists and an Indonesian turtle monitoring team study leatherback sea turtle nesting populations in Papua, Indonesia, to learn more about population decline factors to protect this endangered species.

  • Turtle Bycatch Experiments Empower Students

    May 29: Students have unique opportunity to work with NOAA Fisheries scientists to protect turtles from the impacts of fishing gear in Baja California, Mexico.

  • Fishermen ‘Get Smart’ about Reducing Bycatch

    Nov 17: NOAA presented the grand prize at World Wildlife Fund’s 2011 International Smart Gear Competition today in Seattle. The competition recognized three fishing devices that save lives of seabirds, fish, turtles, and other marine life.