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  • You've Never Seen Killer Whales Like This Before

    Oct 8: For the first time, scientists have used an unmanned aerial vehicle to photograph killer whales from above, giving them a new way to monitor killer whale health and reproduction while giving us all a stunning new view of the species.

  • Prescott Grants Awarded for Marine Mammal Rescue

    Sep 19: NOAA Fisheries announced the award of 35 grants to partner organizations in 18 states totaling $2.7 million to respond to and rehabilitate stranded marine mammals and collect data on their health.

  • Satellite Tags Reveal How Animals See the Ocean

    Sept 9: An interview with NOAA Fisheries scientist Jeffrey Polovina.

  • Gray Whale Calves Born in Big Numbers

    Jul 17: NOAA Fisheries scientists keep track of how many gray whale calves are born each winter, and it looks like this was a banner year for calf production.

  • Why We Need to Protect Whales

    Jul 1: New management measures to save whales have costs to fishing industry, but are necessary.

  • Whale Sense Vessel Helps Save Whale

    Jun 26: A vessel owned by a participant in the WhaleSense program was instrumental in a whale rescue.

  • Special Report: Southern Resident Killer Whales

    Jun 25: Today, NOAA Fisheries released a report highlighting the accomplishments of 10 years of dedicated research and conservation of the endangered Southern Resident killer whale population.

  • Minke Mystery Solved

    Apr 23: Scientists have discovered the source of the "bio-duck" sound, a strange noise that has mystified scientists and submarine captains in the ocean off Antarctica for decades.

  • How to Disentangle a Tangled Up Whale

    Mar 31: Every year, dozens of whales become entangled in fishing gear off the U.S. Atlantic coast. The Atlantic Large Whale Disentanglement Network works to save them.

  • International Ivory Smuggling Ring Dismantled

    Feb 24: Three co-defendants in Tennessee and New Jersey have been arrested in connection with illegal trafficking of narwhal tusks from Canada to the United States.

  • NOAA Responds to Pilot Whales Stranding in Florida

    Jan 22: Get the latest updates on the pilot whale stranding in Southwest Florida, and learn how NOAA and its partners are responding to the event.

  • Killer in Distress

    Dec 26: Scientists are working to understand why the population of Southern Resident killer whales isn’t rebounding, and what we can do to help them recover.

  • Right Whales: Steady as We Go

    Dec 6: One of the principal threats to right whale recovery is collisions with ships. Because of this threat, NOAA Fisheries is renewing a rule meant to reduce the threat of vessel collisions with right whales.

  • NOAA Responds to Pilot Whales Stranding in Florida

    Dec 5: On Tuesday, December 3, 2013 the National Park Service found a pod of short-finned pilot whales stranded near the edge of the Florida Everglades National Park. Get the latest updates about this event.

  • A Whale of a Thanksgiving Day Feast

    Nov 26: Most of us are celebrating Thanksgiving with a traditional turkey dinner, but the Inupiat people on Alaska's north slope will be giving thanks over an animal that is a bit bigger than your average holiday bird.

  • A Smart Strategy for Protecting Top Predators

    Oct 30: Learn more about a new study that may help conservation and development co-exist in the ocean.

  • Whales and Dolphins in a Noisy Ocean

    Sept 4: Many marine mammals use hearing to find their way through the world. But parts of the ocean are filling up with man-made noise, and that has the potential to leave them partially blinded. The CETSOUND project might help.

  • Right Whale, Right Rule

    Aug 15: The enforcement of ship strike reduction rule helps improves the survival of right whales.

  • Keeping an Eye on Arctic Marine Mammals

    Jul 28: NOAA scientists kicked off their annual Aerial Surveys of Arctic Marine Mammals project this month, thanks to funding by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).

  • The Science Behind Killer Whale Genetics

    Jul 11: Found in every ocean around the world, killer whales are a force to be reckoned with. Learn what NOAA scientists and researchers are discovering about killer whale genetics.

  • Dolphins Hitch a Free Ride from Gray Whale

    June 28: In this photo, a group of long-beaked common dolphins are hitching a free ride on the bow wave of a migrating gray whale.

  • To Protect Fin Whales, Listen Closely…

    May 20: Scientists map out distinct populations of endangered fin whales based on differences in their songs.

  • How NOAA Observes Our Changing Earth

    Apr 22: NOAA uses a variety of observational resources to gain more information about our evolving planet, including satellites, ships, planes, buoys, and on-the-ground scientists to provide data to better understand, and ultimately preserve, our earth.

  • Cloudy With a Chance of Whales

    Apr 4: New technology will enable scientists to forecast patterns of whale traffic in the Pacific. These forecasts will help ships steer clear of whales and reduce fatal ship strikes.

  • Study Analyzes Risks to Whales from Ship Traffic

    Mar 29: Researchers identified areas off southern California with high numbers of whales and assessed their risk from potentially deadly collisions with commercial ship traffic in a newly released study.