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  • Fisheries Economist Receives Presidential Award

    Apr 15: Alan Haynie is being recognized for his innovative work to ensure that fishery rules promote sustainable fishing.

  • MAFAC Seafood Certification Recommendations

    Mar 18: In mid-2012, NOAA Fisheries asked MAFAC to explore the creation of a NOAA certification mark or other acknowledgement that could certify sustainability of domestic wild-caught and aquaculture fishery products.

  • NOAA Fisheries Science Program Review

    Mar 14: We continually strive to advance the science informing fisheries and protected resources management, which includes a systematic review process of our science centers and headquarters Office of Science & Tech.

  • Six Fisheries to Receive Disaster Relief Funds

    Feb 26: Today, NOAA Fisheries announced that $75 million appropriated by Congress as part of the Fiscal Year 2014 federal budget will be allocated to six fisheries across the country declared fishery disasters.

  • NOAA Selects New Great Lake Habitat Focus Areas

    Feb 20: NOAA has chosen two sites in the Great Lakes—Muskegon Lake and the St. Louis River estuary—as the next Habitat Focus Areas under NOAA’s Habitat Blueprint.

  • Northeast Regional Office Changes Name to GARFO

    Feb 10: NOAA Fisheries Northeast Regional Office is now the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office.

  • NOAA Fisheries Publishes Bycatch Report Update

    Feb 7: The U.S. National Bycatch Report First Edition Update 1 provides a national compilation of bycatch estimates for living marine resources (fish, marine mammals, sea turtles, seabirds, invertebrates) of the U.S. at the fishery and species level.

  • New Assistant Administrator for Fisheries Named

    Jan 15: Today, NOAA announces the selection of Eileen Sobeck as the new Assistant Administrator for NOAA Fisheries.

  • NOAA Dedicates Daniel K. Inouye Regional Center

    Dec 17: On December 16, NOAA held a dedication ceremony to unveil the Daniel K. Inouye Regional Center located on Ford Island in Honolulu.

  • Obama Announces Key ICCAT Post

    Dec 16: President Obama has announced his intent to appoint Eugenio Piñeiro-Soler as U.S. Commercial Commissioner to The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT).

  • What's Happening to Our Coastal Wetlands?

    Nov 21: The U.S. is losing wetland habitat at a rate of 7 football fields an hour. Learn more about wetland loss in the new report by NOAA and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

  • Steller Performance

    Nov 18: The Eastern population of Steller sea lions, now recovered, is off the threatened species list under the Endangered Species Act.