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  • Meet a Megamouth Shark Specialist - April 4: Meet Dr. Jose Castro, a NOAA scientist recently invited to help dissect a rare megamouth shark currently on display at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan. Megamouths are one of the most elusive shark species on the planet.
  • 2012 Teacher at Sea Class Selected - Mar 27: As the 2012 NOAA Teacher at Sea season begins, sample what's ahead through alumni Jennifer Daftari, a 5th grade teacher in Oklahoma. She reflects on surveying sharks in the Gulf of Mexico and how her research positively impacted her students.
  • Non-Native Species Impact Coasts - Feb. 24: Next week, National Invasive Species Awareness Week begins, held February 27-March 3. To kick off the event, NOAA's Peg Brady tells us more about aquatic invasive species, how they affect our coastlines, and why we need to be aware of them.
  • 'TweetChat' to Highlight Famous Gray Whale Rescue - Feb. 23: NOAA scientist Dave Withrow will answer questions live on Twitter this Thursday, February 23 at 2:30 p.m. Eastern. He was part of the real-life 1988 rescue of three gray whales trapped in sea ice that inspired the new movie, "Big Miracle."
  • Whale Rescue Inspires Hollywood - Feb. 1: This weekend, Universal Pictures will premiere "Big Miracle," a new film inspired by the real-life 1988 rescue of three gray whales trapped in sea ice near Barrow, Alaska. NOAA scientist Dave Withrow talks about his experience as part of the rescue team.
  • Year-end Interview with Eric Schwaab - Dec. 30: To end 2011, NOAA's Assistant Administrator for Fisheries pauses to reflect on his love of fishing, and to answer some of the year's most frequently asked NOAA Fisheries questions.