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  • Protecting the Smalltooth Sawfish - May 16: In this video, learn about the science behind protecting smalltooth sawfish and see NOAA Fisheries research in action.
  • Renewed Passage: Buzzards Bay to Acushnet River - April 24: NOAA Fisheries and its partners installed a "nature-like" fishway on the Acushnet River in Massachusetts to improve habitat and help migrating herring access prime spawning grounds.
  • Restoring Fisheries Through Habitat Restoration - April 17: Habitat conservation is one of the best ways to recover commercially and recreationally important fish populations. See how it's done in our new video.
  • Marine Aquaculture: A Promising Future - Nov 7: Marine aquaculture creates new opportunities for commercial fishermen who are beginning to look to aquaculture as a complement to their fishing activities.
  • Get to Know Your Seafood From Ocean to Plate - Oct 29: Get to know your seafood from ocean to plate. Our video explores the journey your seafood makes to get to your plate.
  • The Great American Surfclam - Oct 28: Surfclams support a multimillion-dollar fishery along the East Coast and are the most important commercial clam species harvested in our waters. Find out what makes the surfclam fishery a model of sustainability.
  • Protecting Our Seafood and Marine Resources - Oct 21: An essential part of our U.S. sustainable fisheries management approach is ensuring that commercial fishermen are knowledgeable of catch regulations and requirements, and that they are in compliance with these laws.
  • Sustainable Seafood—A U.S. Success Story - Oct 18: The U.S. is a recognized global leader in responsibly managed fisheries and sustainable seafood. Watch this video to learn more about sustainability and how NOAA helps ensure our seafood is caught and farmed responsibly.
  • A Symphony of SHARKS - Aug 3: Watch our new video—an ode to sharks and shark research.
  • Learn the “ABCs of Stock Assessment” - Jun 24: Watch our new sketch animation video, which tackles the often-misunderstood topic of stock assessments. Learn more about how we balance data and uncertainty in our approach to stock assessments.
  • Vets Restore Endangered Salmon Habitat - May 22: Our new video highlights military veterans working to restore endangered salmon habitat in California, a NOAA-funded pilot project in partnership with the California Conservation Corps and California's Department of Fish and Game.
  • New Video Introduces Consumers to FishWatch - Mar 27: Our newest video introduces consumers to which provides easy-to-understand, science-based facts to help users make smart, sustainable seafood choices.
  • The Science Behind Harbor Seal Monitoring - Feb 11: Find out how NOAA scientists monitor harbor seal populations in Puget Sound.
  • The Science Behind Whale Recovery in Alaska - Oct 26: How do we help recover whales in Alaska? Watch our new video to find out.
  • Marine Mammals on the Move - Oct 24: If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth a million words. Spend some time with whales, dolphins, seals and more.
  • New Video—Exploring U.S. Aquaculture - Sept 20: What's aquaculture like in the United States? Watch this video to find out.
  • Habitat Restoration: An Economic Engine - Sept 4: Habitat restoration is an economic engine. Watch this video and find out how restoration projects boost our economy with jobs that can't be outsourced and create a positive impact for future generations.
  • Understanding the Elusive Giant Pacific Octopus - Aug 17: Just when you thought it was going to be another shark, we'll throw you an octopus. At NOAA Fisheries, every week isn't just Shark Week, it's also Octopus Week.
  • Circle Hooks: The Preferred Thresher Catcher? - Aug 15: NOAA scientists, anglers, and other institutions observe how thresher sharks are caught and released in Southern California—the key to long term conservation of the common thresher shark.
  • New Technology Helps Predict Harmful Algal Blooms - Aug 8: NOAA scientists use advanced technology to predict harmful algal blooms and provide warnings to aquaculture and other businesses.
  • The Science Behind Restoring the Elwha - July 20: What is NOAA Fisheries role in restoring the Elwha River? What type of science goes into restoring a river? Watch this video to see first-hand the science involved.
  • Teacher at Sea Gets Video Send Off from Students - May 21: Before NOAA Teacher at Sea Kristy Weaver sets sail on the R/V Savannah for an 8 day reef fish cruise this week, her excited first grade class created a video trailer for the trip. Take a look.
  • Scalloping—A Big and Growing Business - May 7: NOAA announces scallop catch will fund 13 cooperative research projects between fishermen and NOAA scientists. Bob Keese, a scallop fisherman out of Chatham, Massachusetts, discusses harvesting sea scallops and the industry.
  • Fishermen and Scientists Work Toward Common Goal - April 22: NOAA Scientists and San Diego fishermen combine expertise and innovative tools to better understand depleted groundfish in the Southern California Bight.
  • Meet Phil Harris, Black Cod Fisherman - Mar 9: This month, as part of NOAA’s Voices from the Waterfront series, we feature Phil Harris in Southern California Bight. Take a look at how this commercial fisherman delivers fresh sustainable fish to the public.
  • Restaurant Owner Dishes on Sustainability - Mar 9: Meet Laura Anderson, owner of Local Ocean Seafoods—a popular seafood restaurant on the waterfront in scenic Newport, Oregon—who shares her strong commitment to fresh, local seafood with her community and beyond.
  • Meet Bill Dewey, Shellfish Farmer - Dec 8: This month, as part of NOAA’s Voices from the Waterfront series, we feature Bill Dewey of Taylor Shellfish Farms in Shelton, Washington.Take a look at the unique role aquaculture plays in the local culture and economy.