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  • Restoring Fisheries through Habitat Restoration

    April 17: Habitat conservation is one of the best ways to recover commercially and recreationally important fish populations. See how it's done in our new video.

  • Marine Aquaculture: A Promising Future

    Nov 7: Marine aquaculture creates new opportunities for commercial fishermen who are beginning to look to aquaculture as a complement to their fishing activities.

  • Get to Know Your Seafood From Ocean to Plate

    Oct 29: Get to know your seafood from ocean to plate. Our video explores the journey your seafood makes to get to your plate.

  • The Great American Surfclam

    Oct 28: Surfclams support a multimillion-dollar fishery along the East Coast and are the most important commercial clam species harvested in our waters. Find out what makes the surfclam fishery a model of sustainability.

  • Protecting Our Seafood and Marine Resources

    Oct 21: An essential part of our U.S. sustainable fisheries management approach is ensuring that commercial fishermen are knowledgeable of catch regulations and requirements, and that they are in compliance with these laws.

  • Sustainable Seafood—A U.S. Success Story

    Oct 18: The U.S. is a recognized global leader in responsibly managed fisheries and sustainable seafood. Watch this video to learn more about sustainability and how NOAA helps ensure our seafood is caught and farmed responsibly.

  • A Symphony of SHARKS

    Aug 3: Watch our new video—an ode to sharks and shark research.

  • Learn the “ABCs of Stock Assessment”

    Jun 24: Watch our new sketch animation video, which tackles the often-misunderstood topic of stock assessments. Learn more about how we balance data and uncertainty in our approach to stock assessments.

  • Vets Restore Endangered Salmon Habitat

    May 22: Our new video highlights military veterans working to restore endangered salmon habitat in California, a NOAA-funded pilot project in partnership with the California Conservation Corps and California's Department of Fish and Game.

  • New Video Introduces Consumers to FishWatch

    Mar 27: Our newest video introduces consumers to which provides easy-to-understand, science-based facts to help users make smart, sustainable seafood choices.

  • The Science Behind Harbor Seal Monitoring

    Feb 11: Find out how NOAA scientists monitor harbor seal populations in Puget Sound.

  • The Science Behind Whale Recovery in Alaska

    Oct 26: How do we help recover whales in Alaska? Watch our new video to find out.