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Proactive Species Conservation Grant Program

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Humphead Wrasse
(Cheilinus undulatus)
Photo: Brian Zgliczynski, NOAA

FY 2013: No Competition

Due to budget limitations, there will be no competition during FY 2013 for the Proactive Species Grant Conservation Fund.

Please check back in December for information on a FY 2014 competition.

The Proactive Species Conservation Grant Program supports voluntary conservation efforts designed to conserve marine and anadromous species before listing under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) becomes necessary. Through this grant program, NMFS will provide Federal assistance, in the form of grants or cooperative agreements, to support conservation efforts for species it has identified as Species of Concern (SOC).

Funding for this program is separate from funding for the Internal Grant Program that is is open to NOAA biologists.

A list of previously funded projects can be found in the Proactive Species Conservation Grants Archive.

Who Can Apply
Eligible applicants are state, tribal, or local governments that have regulatory or management authority over one or more Species of Concern (SOC) or over activities that affect one or more SOC.

How to Apply
Submit your proposals online through, the portal to all Federal grant opportunities. allows applicants to electronically search, find, and apply for grants from all Federal grant-making agencies.

Information on other grant opportunities offered by the Office of Protected Resources is also available.

See the Grants Archive for a list of grants previously funded.

Updated: January 2, 2013

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